Santa Cruz writer-turned-activist targets rat poison

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What’s the problem with poisons?

Read this article in the San Jose Mercury “Mange has surfaced in bobcats roaming Santa Cruz County”

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Our Furry Smelly Friend…The Skunk

The very idea of skunks make people nervous. A skunks natural defense mechanism – you know the spray, makes them a very undesirable neighbor. But, there are so many skunks around it is almost impossible to avoid them or at least the smell. I get numerous calls about skunks in my business especially by irate dog owners or folks who have those great little cat or dog doors and end up with a skunk in the kitchen eating kibble.

I want to share some ideas to avoid problems associated with skunks and some understanding of these beautiful animals that we live with.

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Don’t Make a Mountain out of a Molehill

Moles are one of the most interesting animals I work with. They are the most secretive of the burrowing animals found in gardens and lawns – they rarely show themselves. They almost never come out of the ground and will choose to dig under a road rather than just cross it like gophers and voles would. They have complex tunnel systems with deep tunnels and surface mounds leading to nest cavities, areas where they find food, and highways to nearby alternate food gathering areas.

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