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July 10, 2019 ~ Mongabay

Snowy owl summer:

Raptor rehabilitation center releases Arctic visitor

“Snowy 397” stretches his healing wings in the Shalin Liu Healing Cage at Tufts Wildlife Clinic. Photo courtesy of Maureen Murray for Tufts University.

“we see poisoning caused by anticoagulant rodenticides, which are rodent poisons that interfere with blood clotting and cause potentially fatal blood loss. Birds of prey are exposed to these poisons secondarily, which means by ingestion of prey animals that have consumed the poison, which remains active after it is ingested.”

Snowy owl summer: Raptor rehabilitation center releases Arctic visitor

March 21, 2019 ~ Los Feliz Ledger

As City Hall Looks to Purge Rats Some Hope to Ban Rat Poison

By Erin Hickey Pinheiro on February 28, 2019

Griffith Park mountain lion P-22 in 2014 (left) and in 2016, before and after recovering from a rodenticide-induced bout of mange. Photo: National Park Service.

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March 20, 2019 ~ EcoWatch

Rat Poison Linked to Several Deaths of San Francisco’s Iconic Parrots

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco CA

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January 11, 2018 ~ LA Times

Rat poison from marijuana farms is harming federally threatened northern spotted owls, study finds

A northern spotted owl sits in a tree in the Deschutes National Forest near Camp Sherman, Ore.
(Don Ryan / Associated Press)

Editorial ~ December 22, 2017 ~ LA Times

The dangers of rat poison: You could kill Fido — or a mountain lion

LA Times 2017

“There are nontoxic ways to control vermin infestations that are just as effective as environmentally destructive poison bait, albeit more time-consuming.”

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June 20, 2017 ~ Santa Cruz Sentinel

Santa Cruz writer-turned-activist targets rat poison


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November 21, 2016 ~ The Mercury News

Mange has surfaced in bobcats roaming Santa Cruz County


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November 12, 2015 ~ LA Times

Rat poison is killing more than rats

P-34 waking up after being collared by National Park Service researchers in December of 2014. (National Park Service)

“California needs to examine more aggressive restrictions on pesticide use.

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January-February 2013 ~ Audubon Magazine

Poisons Used to Kill Rodents Have Safer Alternatives

Photo: Photograph by Stephen Dalton

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November 14, 2012 ~ Scientific American

Blood-Thinning Rat Poison Is Killing Birds, Too

Credit: Flickr/Pat Gaines

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