No matter where you live, there is a good chance there are rats and/or mice around. The house mouse is the most common species of mice found in homes, and the Norway rat (also known as the roof rat or black rat) is the most common invader of the rat species.

If you have an attic, it is the perfect place for small animals to invade. Rats and mice are the most common problem.

signs of rats/mice in the attic include:

  • noise rats and mice scratching in the attic and in walls
  • rat/mouse droppings
  • damage from rats/nice gnawing on electrical wires

Where to Install the A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse trap

If you have rats or mice in your attic, the first step should be an inspection of your attic area. Look for openings like gaps, vents, holes, etc. The ground, walls and roof should all be checked.

Once everything is sealed, rats/mice should be trapped. Any rats trapped inside the attic will need to eat, and be very attracted to the lure inside the trap.

Good choices for trap installation:

  • along walls
  • corners of the attic
  • walls behind of shelves

Tips for keeping rats and mice out of your attic:

  • Keep boxes tightly sealed and make sure you have access to the perimeter walls
  • Seal off any holes or gaps using steel so rats can’t chew through (bolt steel in place)
  • Use a sealant to block off air flow
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