Automobile Storage

Automobiles are often an appealing place for rats and mice to crawl inside from underneath the car. Cars that are stored for long periods can become ideal for rats or mice to take up residence in. The rodents will build a nest in the car and can cause serious damage by chewing away at wiring.

Damaged wiring in an automobile can not only be costly, bat can be a serious hazard when the car is started without knowledge of the damage. Cars have been known to catch fire, and damage from rats or mice can also cause the car to operate unsafely when driven. Mechanics often see vehicles that are brought in due to damage from rodents.

signs of rats/mice in your automobile include:

  • gnawed wiring
  • rat our mouse droppings
  • torn upholstery or other piles of nesting materials

Where to Install the A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse trap

Good choices for trap installation:

  • along a wall or in a corner closest to the vehicle
  • beneath the vehicle

Tips for keeping rats and mice out of your automobiles:

  • Check your vehicle often for signs of rodents
  • beneath the vehicle
  • Keep the hood up so rodents do not have a dark place to hide
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