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Gopher Proof Fences Work For Many Garden Pests

Gopher Proof Fences Work For Many Garden Pests Intro Gophers Limited has been exploring and designing garden and small farm enclosures that save an enormous amount of frustration including plant loss, irrigation problems, footing dangers, hillside gullying and landslides.  These are just a few of the advantages of fencing small rodents and vermin out of […]

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Stop Rodent Damage to Cars

Rats Sheltering Under Hoods Costing Thousands Stop rodent damage to cars. The problem of rats, mice and even rabbits eating wiring and other plastic parts under hoods on cars, tractors and other heavy equipment is getting worse by the day. The transition to winter weather is causing these small animals to seek warm dry areas […]

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Winter Gopher Control

Winter Gopher Control A Catch in Time Saves Nine! When it comes to gopher control most folks like to wait until they have their garden or lawn planted.  Often that is way too late.  Gophers are active all year round in these parts and very soon the mating ritual will begin.  Gophers are interesting creatures […]

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