Chicken Coop

Rats and mice in the chicken coop will steal eggs, and pose a health hazard to the flock. Keeping rodents out of the coop is essential to healthy chickens.

signs of rats/mice in the chicken coop include:

  • rat or mouse droppings (small brown pellet-like droppings
  • brown grease marks on structures (from natural oil on fur)
  • rat or mouse tracks can sometimes be detected
  • gnawing marks

Where to Install the A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse trap

Good choices for trap installation:

  • Along the perimeter of the chicken coop
  • Near feeders

Tips for keeping rats and mice out of your chicken coop:

  • Use smaller wire than chicken wire — it does not keep out rodents
  • Do not keep seed out during the night to attract rodents
  • Remove water at night when rats are out to drink
  • Store chicken feed in a tightly-sealed spill proof container
  • Be sure to repair any holes or gaps in your coop that may allow rodents inside
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