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Pest Control and Gopher Wire

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Some clients we work with

  • Miller Landscaping and Maintenance Lompoc, CA
  • Clifford Landscape Redding, CA
  • Doerr Landscape Design Spring Valley CA
  • Blue Spruce Construction Campbell CA
  • Bright View Landscape Pleasanton CA
  • Miller Landscaping & Maintenance Lompoc CA
  • Rewild Designs Santa Cruz CA
  • CDM Construction Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Coastal Evergreen Scotts Valley CA
  • Curtis Horticulture San Jose CA
  • Horizon Exterior Design & Construction West Hills CA
  • Granite Construction
  • Greenscape Project Solutions, Inc Monterey CA
  • Habitat Gardens Pacific Grove CA
  • Hummingbird Native Gardens San Jose CA

Pest Control Contractors Landscapers

Best Gopher Wire Products

Buy our high quality, easy to work with wire mesh rolls and gopher baskets

Available in small or large quantities

Please contact us for large quantity orders

We accept purchase orders

Wire Spec Sheet


We will help you plan a landscape with the local pest problems in mind for reduced maintenance costs and labor.

Many landscapes can take advantage of natural barriers. This will utilize built-in pest control that is invisible possibly stopping pest problems before they start. 

We specialize in design

Incorporating barriers in and around landscapes

Protective mesh barriers under sod

Vertical barriers around gardens and small sensitive areas

Custom fencing and other physical barriers for larger pests such as the raccoon, skunk and opossum 


We have trained many landscape professionals in the art of trapping. As well as in discouraging and/or excluding major landscape pests.

The focus is on minimal disturbance of turf and landscapes.

Target animals are gophers, moles, voles, ground squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks and deer.

A typical training session will consist of:

An early morning (if possible) trap setting session

A Power Point lecture on basic pest animal biology. The focus on behaviors and mannerisms that allow effective trapping or control.

The lecture will also include:

Attracting predators

Using sprays and drenches

Different fencing and barrier options including proper ways to gopher and mole proof turf areas

Several trapping methods that do not require large excavations

After the lecture:

The group returns to the morning trapping area 

Traps are checked and reset

New trapping areas are discovered

More traps are set to demonstrate effective trapping techniques. 

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