Walls are the perfect place for rats/mice to live in your home — staying warm and dry in seclusion away from residents during the day. Rats can do serious damage by gnawing at wiring, and tearing up insulation within the walls. They also leave droppings everywhere, which could become a serious health hazard.

Mice and rats contaminate food once they have come in contact with it. Both rat/mouse droppings and urine can carry serious and sometimes deadly disease. Rats and mice can also transmit bacteria.

Mice and rats in the home can destroy furniture and chew holes in walls. They can also tear up books, papers, plastic, wood, clothing, etc.

Signs of rats/mice in the home include:

  • noise in the walks or roof
  • chewed food, bags, etc.
  • rodent droppings
  • grease marks on walls, etc. from the natural oils on fur
  • stench from rat/mice urine that smells like ammonia
  • nesting debris such as piles of light material such as paper, lint and insulation

Where to Install the A24 Automatic Rat and Mouse trap

Rats and mice do not like light, so any trap near lighting is a bad choice. Rats like to travel along walls and cabinets, and don’t like to venture out into open space. (Like in the middle of a room)

Good choices for trap installation:

  • behind furniture
  • an open closet
  • corners of a room
  • back of cabinets
  • pantry

Tips to prevent rats and mice in your home:

  • Keep garbage outside and covered and remove food garbage from home daily
  • Keep dog food and other pet food in a tightly-sealed container
  • Keep food in kitchen cabinets and pantry in sealed spill-proof containers
  • Cover attic, crawls pace and dryer vent with ¼-inch mesh screen
  • Keep storage areas organized
  • Keep lumber and firewood stacked away from the home
  • Seal utility openings with sealing or a pipe collar
  • Any gaps in the home should be under ¼-inch
  • Trim vines and shrubs away from your home
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