A Smart Investment: Investing in Gopher Wire

Why our stainless steel gopher and mole wire is a smart investment

Gophers Limited Inc stainless steel wire mesh roll

Investing in gopher wire can save you money in the long run. Since we started manufacturing and selling stainless steel wire rolls and baskets, we have had only positive feedback. Providing strong and long lasting protection for landscapes and plants is the purpose of our wire.

Founder Thomas Wittman ~ About Our Wire

Often, in considering the costly price of renewing an area, the fundamental problem that ruined the old lawn or playing field can be overlooked. Deciding to sod or seed new and older lawn areas where gophers and moles have caused damage without addressing it will not solve the problem.

The Problem

The problem, which is burrowing animal pests, is still a problem. Covering up the issue with new landscaping won’t solve it. Many landowners have tried to mitigate this using galvanized steel wire under lawns but unfortunately galvanized metal does not last very long when buried. Often, depending on your soil type, it will hold up less than three years. Meanwhile, your new sod can last twenty years or more. Soil acids can quickly degrade galvanized wire. This is why we developed a stronger, acid resistant, stainless steel gopher and mole wire which can last twenty years or more. When investing in gopher wire, its longevity underground makes it cost effective.

The Cost Comparison

I have been researching how much it costs to hire a service to keep these animal problems under control. That cost is in the range of $3000-$5000 per year. When looking at investing in gopher wire to protect against animal damage, it can also seem to be a large investment upfront. For example, a quarter acre lawn (11,000 sq feet) would require 28 rolls of our wire at a cost of  $10,892. If you compare this cost with the maintenance cost of $3000 per year, the wire would pay for itself in under four years and continue to save you this $3,000 cost for twenty or more years to come.

Proper Wire Installation Matters

Sometimes I get questions like “Will the wire ever be exposed where an athlete might get injured? The answer is no if it is installed to our specifications where we state that a 2-3” buffer of soil is below the sod, artificial turf or walkways and patios. 

Gopher Wire Installation Instructions

In conclusion, when budgeting for a new or replacement lawn, be aware of possible gopher and/or mole maintenance costs that can be prevented by installing our strong and long lasting wire. Additionally, take the time for proper installation for the most cost efficient solution.

Thomas Wittman, Founder & CEO ~ Gophers Limited Inc





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