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A24 Rat/Mouse Trap Kit




Installation Video

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 Product Description

  • Automatically resets after each kill
  • Works on Rats, Mice and Ground Squirrels
  • Certified Humane – Animals are killed instantly
  • Toxin Free – No risk to children, pets, wildlife or livestock
  • Long-lasting lure lasts 6 months, CO2 canisters last for 24 kills

Automatically self-resetting

  • After the mouse or rat enters the trap, a trigger causes a striker to instantly dispatch the mouse or rat.
  • The mouse or rat will then fall out of the trap, and the trap automatically resets ready for the next kill.
  • The A24 trap will kill 24 pests before requiring a CO2 cartridge change.


  • Glue board traps are cruel.
  • Standard snap traps also frequently malfunction and the rat or mouse suffers horribly.
  • The A24 is certified Class A NAWAC humane, killing rodents instantly and cleanly

Toxin-free, long life lure

  • The lure that draws the rat or mouse into the trap is non-toxic.
  • No need to worry about poisoning pets, children, wildlife or livestock.
  • The lure lasts 6 months.

Easy to install

  • two screws mount the A24 to any surface.
  • Simply mount the trap, insert the Lure bottle, screw in the CO2 cartridge and it’s armed.
  • Install kit includes rodent detector cards that will help you place the trap in the best location for the greatest success.

Perfect for remote locations

  • requires no electricity, has no electronics, it is ruggedized
  • Designed to operate in remote areas of the unforgiving New Zealand wilderness, its waterproof and operates .
  • Waterproof, operates in any climate.


  • 1 x A24 Self-Resetting Rat and Trap
  • 1 x A24 Trap mount
  • 1 x Static Lure Pump (SLB) with 60 grams of Chocolate Formula for Rats
  • 2 x COx Gas Canisters
  • 1 x Rodent Detector Kit
  • 1 x DIY Lure Basket

Where you can install the Automatic Trap

A24 Installation Recommendations

A24 Trap Success Guide

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in
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