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Gopher Basket Garden Bed




Gopher Basket Garden Bed ~ Stainless Steel


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With our Stainless Steel Gopher Basket Garden Bed you can plant your garden in one sturdy preformed “safe space”

Our strong welded square wire cages will protect the main roots of your plant while also allowing room for tendril roots to reach through the basket as needed for the health and growth of your plant.

Gophers move above ground at night. So to achieve the maximum protection for your plant, leave a 3-4 inch rim of the basket above ground to protect from gophers invading from the surface. In our experience, this will create a tall enough barrier to keep them out. They are tenacious creatures but not very good climbers.

Gopher Basket Garden Bed Dimensions are 4 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot

Buy 2 Gopher Basket Garden Beds and use a second one, hinged on top (as pictured above):

  • To keep out birds, bunnies and other animal pests
  • Cover with clear plastic to create a greenhouse
  • Cover with reemay cloth for frost and insect control

Our Gopher Basket Garden Bed will last forever for a permanent solution or move them each season.

gopher basket garden bed



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