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Gophers Limited of Felton, California (Thomas 831-335-2400) Provides trapping and control service to the Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Francisco Bay Area (Bridget 831-295-3621) and now San Jose, Gilroy, and Morgan Hill (John 408-375-2809) for gophers, moles, skunks, opossum, raccoon, even turkeys. We provide solutions for any animal and human conflict without the use of poisons. Offering all animal control, consulting and training to residential, commercial and public lands and properties. Additionally, as well as our local trapping service, the products I sell are products we use with success. For more about owner Thomas Wittman and the company please go to link below:

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View Thomas  Wittman's profile on LinkedIn Stainless Steel Gopher Baskets !!

gopher basketThe gopher baskets are here! This design is the best gopher basket on the market. 304 grade stainless steel, 18 gauge wire, 3/4" mesh and pre formed for easy one time installation.

gwireweb.jpgNews! Stainless Steel Gopher wire in stock now! Gophers Limited now manufactures stainless steel gopher wire and baskets as well as double galvanized wire rolls. This is the best wire on the market, 18 gauge 304 stainless, 3/4" mesh, a lifetime product! (click to order gopher wire and baskets) also now available at Probuild Garden Center and also at B & B Small Engine Repair , Santa Cruz, CA

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We provide solutions without the use of poisonno poison

What's the Problem With Poison?

Two Santa Cruz bobcat deaths linked to rat poison

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The Cinch Gopher and mole trap is what makes easy gopher and mole trapping possible. There is no other trap on the market as effective! Be sure to buy original Cinch traps made in the USA. The copies made in China do not have the same action or quality nor do they support our economy. The kits I sell have everything you need to be a successful gopher or mole trapper. If you are not successful I will coach you by phone until you are. I train individuals, city and county maintenance workers, farm and vineyard workers, landscapers anyone who needs to control gophers and moles without poisons!

cinch headlinecinch trap drawingMade in USA

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cinch trap setcaught gopher

Surface Trapping Technique Revealed!

Find out about the fastest, easiest method of controlling gophers quickly and efficiently. You can set up a trapping site in just one minute and catch a gopher in minutes as well. For more information Click here

NEW! We are extending service to the San Francisco Bay Area

Introducing Bridget Carls, my daughter, and a great addition to the family business. See customer feedback for more information (click here). Bridget will be handling service calls for gophers and moles in the San Francisco Bay area (831-295-3621) and Also John Waddington (408-375-2809) who will be serving the San Jose, South San Jose area all the way to Gilroy.

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Purchased a dozen of your traps and am very pleased!! In the last month we have trapped over 20 gophers, it’s really starting to make a noticeable difference, we will finally have a nice lawn this summer. We had tried peppermint oil, instant mashed potatoes, hot peppers and nothing worked. Had to be concerned about our dogs and cats. This is the trick!! Thanks, Joy from Malibu, CA


The last time I gave an update was a year ago. Since then I have continued
to do my best to control the gopher problem in my 1.5 acre yard. My
neighbors and passers by have commented on how wonderful my yard looks.
This always leads to a discussion about your traps and ultimately, me giving
them your web address. I know for certain that they have purchased your
traps and done wonders controlling their gopher invasion. Well today,
3/10/12, I reached another milestone. My 200th unlucky critter! Thanks
again from Oceanside, CA.! - Rick Orlando


Hi:  I called yesterday to order some wires that I lost off one of your traps, and thanks for saying that you would mail me a couple…..But, I have to tell you that last week I caught 5 gophers in one day.  Two within 15 minutes apart.   I am so pleased with the cinch trap that I am now expanding my area outside of the garden and yard and into the orchard…I am anxiously awaiting more catches.   Gloria Caliri, Gilroy, CA

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New! A whole set of advanced Cinch Trapping Clipsyoutube logo

Surface Trapping With Cinch Traps - Fast and Easy!

How to set a Cinch Trap

How to set a Cinch trap on the ground

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NEW! Care and maintaining Cinch Gopher and Mole Traps

How to Install Gopher Wire and Baskets -Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Ground Squirrel Trapping with the Black Fox Repeating Trap

How to trap moles with the Cinch trap click here

How to live trap gophers for research or non violent control

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Got Barn Owls?featimg-1

An owl family can eat up to 1000 gophers per season. Go the the Hungry Owl Project Click for more info and to purchase boxes.

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New Product! Call 831-335-2400 or Email for more information.

This new Ground Squirrel Control Method Eliminates Re-infestation as well as dangerous burrow entrances.

Burrow Blocker Diagram

The Burrow Blocker system pumps a slurry of water & sand into the Ground Squirrels' tunnels and dens. The water is absorbed into the soil, leaving the sand to seal the burrow and captures the  rodents underground. If you want to purchase one of these machines email me.

Burrow Blocker MachineBlocked Burrow



Want to get away from gophers and moles? We have a vacation rental in Princeville, Kauai. Aloha! Rates are lowest ever!! This home is also currently for sale!

hbvVRBO - vacation rentals by owner - listing #9034

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Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Cupertino Call Thomas 831-335-2400


SFO Bay Area, South Bay to Palo Alto Bridget 831-295-3621


San Jose, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, San Martin call John 408 375-2809


Lecture Schedule 2014 Click lecture for more info. Email me or call if you want a lecture in your area


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Let's talk about gophers and other pest animal problems

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Gopher Baskets and Wire Rolls

All baskets and stainless steel wire are 304 grade by 18 gauge. Rolls of double galvanized wire also in stock. The best quality anywhere!! See Store for more details!! Click Here


ss gopher basket

Protect your plants forever with a stainless steel gopher basket!


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