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Pest Control for Parks, Schools and Institutions

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“I am the advisor for the county Master Gardener program and by chance about 6 of my Master Gardeners happened to attend your presentation and all of them were very impressed by the information you presented. Thanks. Scott Oneto University of California Cooperative Extension”

Some clients we work with

  • Esalen Institute Big Sur CA
  • UCSC Santa Cruz CA
  • UCD Davis CA
  • Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Santa Cruz CA
  • City of Lompoc Lompoc CA
  • City of Watsonville Watsonville CA
  • City of Carmel Carmel CA
  • Tracy Unified School District CA
  • Scotts Valley Schools CA
  • Gateway School Santa Cruz CA
  • Mission Springs  Scotts Valley CA
  • Engineering/Remediation Resources Group, Inc. errg.com
  • Ecology Action Santa Cruz CA


We have successfully consulted with institutions and commercial landscapes and areas that need to refrain from the use of poisons.

Schools, government buildings, parks, levees, water ways all are special focus areas for non-toxic control. We will work with maintenance staff to provide solutions that can be incorporated into daily schedules without large extra outlays of time, or find physical solutions that require no time or maintenance.


Schools and Institutions, due to the huge risk of exposure of children to pesticides, herbicides and rodenticides now are subject to the California Healthy Schools Act of 2001 and greatly encouraged to adopt the practice of Integrated Pest Management on school grounds.

We offer a presentation designed to help maintenance workers deal with nuisance animals without using poisons and integrating trapping and exclusion techniques. This Power Point lecture and demonstration is 2-3 hours long and is an interactive problem solving session as well.

We have worked with several schools and designed a training and information program for the Ecology Action of Santa Cruz’s IPM in Schools program for Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. This program, funded by the Regional Water Quality Board, trained all the maintenance workers of all the public schools in each county.

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