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Private Properties

Pest animal strategies for exclusion barriers, using deterrents, and humane lethal or live trapping as a last resort

  • Gophers/Moles
  • Skunks
  • Raccoon
  • Rats/Mice
  • Opossum
  • Other animals such as ground squirrels, birds etc. Inquire with us

Contractors & Landscapers

We will help you plan a landscape with the local pest problems in mind for reduced maintenance costs and labor.

Many landscapes can take advantage of natural barriers. This will utilize built-in pest control that is invisible possibly stopping pest problems before they start. 

We specialize in design

Incorporating barriers in and around landscapes

Protective mesh barriers under sod

Vertical barriers around gardens and small sensitive areas

Custom fencing and other physical barriers for larger pests such as the raccoon, skunk and opossum 

Farm, Orchard & Vineyard

We will come to your farm, orchard or vineyard and estimate pest animal populations and potential solutions for abatement of damage and/or control of the pest animal. Often a strategy will be a several pronged approach to ensure success.

For example, for a gopher problem:

Efficient trapping methods are demonstrated

Ways of attracting predatory animals are explored

Installation of permanent barriers are examined

These strategies are adapted for particular conditions including environment, cost and labor force available.

We have worked with many kinds of vineyards, from backyard to mid-sized and very large multi-site vineyards.

We have had success, especially in converting growers from using toxins to Cinch Traps, and in vineyards as large as 30,000 acres.

Parks, Schools & Institutions

We have successfully consulted with institutions and commercial landscapes and areas that need to refrain from the use of poisons.

Schools, government buildings, parks, levees, water ways all are special focus areas for non-toxic control. We will work with maintenance staff to provide solutions that can be incorporated into daily schedules without large extra outlays of time, or find physical solutions that require no time or maintenance.

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