Hi there, I purchased 6 cinch traps from you a couple of weeks ago. In every area that I have placed these miracle traps I have gotten these buggers!!!! 5 total so far. REVENGE is sooo sweet. Thank you so much for selling such a great product!!!! Cathy Whitney La Honda, Calif.

Dear Gopher Guru…I ordered your kit and received it about one month ago, you may remember I wrote asking for help because I wasn’t having any success with the trap. Well, the dead gopher count is up to 10 today and my gardens are finally safe from mayhem. I am a Master Gardener in Mariposa, CA and next week I have been asked to give a presentation to the group on the cinch trap. Thanks again for your product and stay tuned for more orders after I give my presentation! Jo Nunes

This is a short note to thank you for your traps and expertise. My 1 1/2 acre property was inundated with the varmints. I purchased 10 traps and the hori hori knife. Then I watched the video and went to work. My current count is 131 unlucky critters. Thanks for everything, Rick Orlando

I just wanted to say Thank You! I have been battling a gopher in my yard for about 3 weeks now. Gas bombs, poison…..nothing worked. He was destroying my lawn. I saw a you tube video of the cinch trap and thought I would give it a try. I opened the box literally 20 minutes ago and I have already killed him. Thank you, you saved my lawn! Richelle Melseaux Concord, CA

Video is great, easy to follow, learned a lot about gopher activity and habits. I caught a gopher on my first try. Just ordered 8 more traps, also recommending your website to friends. Best regards, Richard Fahey

Hi:  I called yesterday to order some wires that I lost off one of your traps, and thanks for saying that you would mail me a couple…..But, I have to tell you that last week I caught 5 gophers in one day. Two within 15 minutes apart. I am so pleased with the cinch trap that I am now expanding my area outside of the garden and yard and into the orchard…I am anxiously awaiting more catches. Gloria Caliri, Gilroy, CA

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