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Farm Orchard, and Vineyard

Farm Orchard and Vineyard ~ Consulting

Gophers Limited Inc Thomas Wittman farm orchard and vineyard consulting

Thomas Wittman ~ Founder, Gophers Limited Inc

Firstly, we will come to your farm, orchard or vineyard and estimate pest animal populations and potential solutions for abatement of damage and/or control of the pest animal. Accordingly. a strategy will often be a several pronged approach to ensure success.

For example, for a gopher problem:

Efficient trapping methods are demonstrated

Ways of attracting predatory animals are explored

Installation of permanent barriers are examined

These strategies are adapted for particular conditions including environment, cost and labor force available.

We have worked with many kinds of vineyards, from backyard to mid-sized and very large multi-site vineyards.

Subsequently, we have had success in converting growers from using toxins to using Cinch Traps, and in vineyards as large as 30,000 acres.

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Farm Orchard and Vineyard ~ Training

Without a doubt we have had enormous success training farmers and farm workers how to control gopher, mole, vole and ground squirrel problems without the use of poisons.

A typical training session will consist of:

Early morning (if possible) trap setting session

Power Point lecture on basic problem animal biology, focusing on behaviors and mannerisms that lead to effective trapping or control.

Additionally the lecture will also include:

Attracting predators

Using sprays and drenches

Different fencing and barrier options

Various organically approved pyrotechnic processes

Several trapping methods.

Furthermore, after the lecture, the group returns to the morning trapping site to check the traps. As well as discovering new areas to set traps to demonstrate effective trapping techniques.

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Farm Orchard and Vineyard ~ Presentations

Gophers Limited Inc’s three hour presentation includes basic biological information of our major vertebrate garden pests that will lead to clues with attention to how we can effectively control them without resorting to poisons.

Chiefly, the focus will be on gophers, moles, voles and ground squirrels with basic material covered on raccoons, opossum, skunks, wild pigs and deer.

The presentation concurrently includes (if possible) a trapping and pest-sign identification demonstration in a nearby infested area. The demonstration is set up in advance with traps.

After the indoor lecture portion, the group convenes at the demonstration site and animal signs are read and traps are set and checked. This is a great time to review the information from the lecture in a non-abstract format.

Markedly, this lecture has been held in many California cities over the past several years and has been included in the IPM sections of the Master Gardeners Program, a production of the University of California and at several farming conferences including the Ecological Farming Conference. It has been recognized for PCA professional credits.

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What Customers Say

After joining Thomas at one of his lectures and getting some personal training from him at our farm I caught 24 gophers in one week with just 6 cinch traps. His pointers made all the difference and makes farming allot easier for me now. Gerben de Vries Old House Farm Scotts Valley

I want to let you know how helpful your Saturday seminar was for me and my husband. We have a 60 acre ranch in Lake County and I have been trying, for years, to control the gopher population around our landscaped home, without success. Well your seminar taught us how to get a handle on these pesky buggers. We purchased three Cinch traps and one Japanese garden tool and within 24 hours we have five confirmed kills!! I just wish these little guys weren’t so cute! Thanks again! Diane Tullos

 I took your class about 3 years ago and started using the cinch trap right away. You may remember I had a small, 200 tree avo farm in Soquel which was being overrun. The first year into fall I caught nearly a hundred of the little buggers. By fall I could walk the trees and not find a gopher for weeks at a time. Started selling the fruit last year for the first time, and doing so organically thanks to the cinch traps and your help! Jeff Mill P.E.

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