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Cinch Trap Starter Kit



We created our Cinch Gopher Mole Trap Starter Kit to include everything you need to become a savvy successful trapper the Cinch way.

The Cinch Gopher Mole Trap Starter Kit Includes:

Cinch Traps (2)

Hori Hori Knife (1) Japanese Gardening Tool and great companion tool to the Cinch Trap

DVD “Easy Gopher an Mole Control Without Poisons” (1)

Quick Start Guide (1)

Pictured below is the small jaw sized cinch which is the one you need to catch a mole in any region. Some regions in the US have larger gophers which will require a larger jaw size. Please check out the chart of regions and cinch sizes so you order the appropriate size. Please indicate which size you want in the order notes at checkout.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


“After having my solar light strings ruined by gophers and 1/3 of my plants destroyed I was so mad I was going to channel Bill Murray from Caddyshack to get rid of these things.  Then I found your website and bought the trap kit and within hours of receiving the shipment and setting the trap I caught one!   Then today I caught another 15 minutes after resetting the trap!  So thankful I found your company and product!!” Erika, Escondido, CA July 2018

“I have spent $thousands over the years trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to control or eradicate gophers in my yard. My property backs up to a commercial vineyard and though beautiful, it also produces a steady supply of gophers bent on destroying my garden and landscaping. Last month I bought 3 of your traps. After watching the instructional video (absolutely critical) I deployed my first trap in my garden. Next morning, there were signs of activity all around the trap, but it wasn’t sprung. I reorganized, set it out again, in a new hole a went for my morning walk. By the time I returned I had my first. He must have been operating alone because I have had no other issues in the back. Yesterday, I noticed activity in the front near the sidewalk. I was a bit fearful that someone’s pet or kid might spring it accidentally hurting themselves. I deployed a trap, covered it with chicken wire and made a caution sign. Two hours later was rewarded with a second kill. Without question, the best investment ever in my desire to control these varmints. Great product. I sing your praises loud and often.” Mark C Cook

“Dear Gopher Guru…I ordered your kit and received it about one month ago, you may remember I wrote asking for help because I wasn’t having any success with the trap. Well, the dead gopher count is up to 10 today and my gardens are finally safe from mayhem. I am a Master Gardener in Mariposa, CA and next week I have been asked to give a presentation to the group on the cinch trap. Thanks again for your product and stay tuned for more orders after I give my presentation!” Jo Nunes

“Video is great, easy to follow, learned a lot about gopher activity and habits. I caught a gopher on my first try. Just ordered 8 more traps, also recommending your website to friends. Best regards, Richard Fahey”

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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