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Solar Powered Water Blaster



Solar Powered Water Blaster

This Water Blaster/Animal Repellar is the most advanced design on the market. Features like adjustable detection range, sprinkler angles, flashing light, night mode and solar powered charging are an effective tool for reducing animal pest problems. It’s amazing! -Thomas Wittman

Repels without harm deer, raccoon, skunks, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds etc. from gardens, lawns, ponds  and other landscaped areas

—Motion detection activation: When an unwanted animal enters the area,  a bright light will flash and a strong spray of water will scare them away.

—Water usage per activation: 2-3 cups

—Sprinkler distance: up to 30ft or 10m (depends on water pressure)

—Adjustable Detection Range: Protects up to about 100 square meters

—Adjustable Sprinkler Angles: Left/Right and Up/Down

See it in action. We set up a motion sensing camera to capture it in action.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 in
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