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Under Hood Pest Repeller



Fire-resistant material,  UL 94 V-0

Vibrating sensor automatically detects your vehicle’s start or stop. Turns on when vehicle stops and stops turns off when vehicle starts

Emits ultrasound and white flashing light to disturb auditory and visual nervous system of rodents

This ultrasonic device vibrates when on, which means that the repeller is emitting ultrasonic sound, and the frequency is variable.

There is a fuse in the red power line to protect the unit from over-current

Only 50mA – 70mA power consumption while the ultrasonic and white light are releasing (Current can be customized)

How to Install:

Park your car and turn off the engine. Open the hood of your vehicle, and find the automotive battery.

Turn on the device switch, link the two connectors with the battery, black wire leads to the cathode(-), red wire leads to the anode(+).

A red LED and the white light will remain for 3 seconds to indicate the unit is working properly.

Place the repeller with the right side up, so that ultrasound can cover the engine compartment.

When there is a vibration signal trigger circuit (vehicle starts), red light flashes, the unit will stop working. 90 seconds after vibration signal stops (vehicle stops), it will turn on again.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in
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