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Rats Sheltering Under Hoods Costing Thousands

Stop rodent damage to cars.

The problem of rats, mice and even rabbits eating wiring and other plastic parts under hoods on cars, tractors and other heavy equipment is getting worse by the day. The transition to winter weather is causing these small animals to seek warm dry areas and finding an unusual food and gnawing source.

This problem is affecting vehicle owners in most cold areas of the United States and beyond. I first saw this in Tucson while driving on Route 10. On the South side of the highway most parked cars had their hoods open. A friend from Tucson told me that car wiring harnesses were getting eaten and opening the hood could lower the occurrence. More recently it started happening in a much larger area.

One factor leading to this situation was that certain carmakers had switched the insulation on wires to a soy-based material to, maybe, be greener. But unfortunately became food for rats and others.  The carmakers came out with a duct tape impregnated with chili pepper to wrap around wires, but many wires are hard to reach. In any event this did not solve the problem. 

One tool that I recommend is to spray the wires and area with a deterrent that changes the flavor to something more spicy and I highly recommend this product called Critter Ridder composed of the hot part of chili pepper and the strong aroma of black pepper. Do this every week or so to protect your wiring. I also recommend trapping around where you park to lower populations and possibly catch animals that are harboring under your hood.

Another way to protect your valuable wiring and other plastic parts is to install a “Under Hood Pest Repeller”. This small but effective device, available on our website, is cleverly made to detect when you car is started and in motion to turn off and when resting turn back on for protection.  It draws very little power and can be a great way to avoid expensive repairs. Stop rodent damage to cars today!

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