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How to Get Rid Gophers: New Gopher Basket Perfect for Marijuana and Trees

Gophers Limited the only manufacturer of heavy gauge, preformed stainless steel gopher baskets has the solution to protecting trees and large plants such as marijuana and other large shrubs from gopher root damage. Dimensions of these baskets measure 34 inches across and 18 inches get rid gophers extra large stainless steel basketdeep. Designed to perfectly drop into a 36 inch hole dug by an earth auger or by hand. 

These baskets come in three easy to assemble pieces of sturdy reinforced 304 grade stainless steel and will last for decades without any degradation from soil acids. This is the main reason for the rotting of galvanized baskets. A great way to solve the question of how to get rid of gophers that damage plant roots. The 3/4 inch welded mesh is a perfect size to allow lateral roots to spread out out once planted. This is also the largest gopher basket you will find for sale anywhere.


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