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Gophers Limited At Norcal Horticultural Show

First of all, we had such a wonderful time being a part of this show. We (Thomas and Brooke) manned a booth chock full of our gopher protection and trapping equipment. Seems like it was a very good show because we made a lot of great contacts and had fun all day long. We were the only animal pest control company attending therefore lots of people were interested in our products. Hence our booth was bustling all day.

horticulture biochar norcal show

horticulture biochar norcal show

horticulture biochar norcal show







horticulture biochar norcal show

horticulture biochar norcal showhorticulture biochar norcal show





Diverse exhibitors attended. Many seed companies like Renee’s Garden Seeds, bulb growers, numerous nurseries and landscape companies. In addition there also were turf companies, real and synthetic, many fertilizer and growth supplement companies and one that I find very interesting and timely the American BioChar Company.

Horticulture Biochar

Biochar is an additive you can add to your soil to help retain water and nutrients. Scientists have found that is was used in early agriculture in the Amazon where they practiced “slash and char” agriculture. This is burning a section of forest and then burying the smoldering wood remains to make charcoal. This was added in layers into the soil and provided a very nutrient and biologically rich soil that conserved water and improved crop growth. It was especially relevant to me that today, in addition to these properties, it is also a way of carbon sequestration in the soil. As a result this can be helpful in reducing carbon into the atmosphere. A goal for reducing climate change.

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